At the WeHostVoIP we are preparing new products to help you, service provider, to earn more.  Every service provider knows, it needs to provide new services every month. The competition on access is becoming so high that, only with new services a company can survive. Virtual Network Functions (VNFs) are virtualized network services running on open computing platforms formerly carried out by proprietary, dedicated hardware technology. Most VNFs are run in virtual machines (VMs) on common virtualization infrastructure software such as public and private clouds.  At WeHostVoIP we are developing Open Source VNFs for sevices such as Fraud Prevention, Teams Direct Routing and PBX services. 

NFV Architecture – Cloudify Network

VNFs can be linked together like building blocks in a process known as service chaining. The application provisioning process—is simplified and shortened using VNF technology. VNFs can help increase network scalability and agility, while also enabling better use of network infrastructure resources. Other benefits include reducing power consumption and increasing security and available physical space, since VNFs replace physical hardware. This also results in reduced operational and capital expenditures. 

Check our table below comparing appliances versus VNFs.

Runs in physical proprietary hardwareRuns in open virtualized environments
Complex multi-funtionSimple single-function components
Hard to provisionEasy to provision
Hard to decommissionEasy to decomission
Hard to integrateEasy to Integrate
Configuration thru interfaceConfiguration on insantiatiation
Control using the interfaceControl using REST APIs
Generates a lot of waste in the EOLEco-friendly
High power consumptionLow power consumption
Low agilityHigh agility
Expensive, buy all functionsInexpensive, buy the function you want
Deploy locallyDeploy using Cloudify, Terraform, MANO

This is the beginning of the battle, the first two VNFs are ready. The first one is the MS Teams Gateway capable to connect an MS Teams tenant to a SIP trunk. The second is our Antifraud Solution for ISP.  There are two more in the software kitchen being cooked for you. As this is our first post, thanks for reading! I hope we can start a long journey with you in our side